Thursday, 22 May 2014

Campaign Group Summons City Council to appear at Court.

Nottingham City Council had been asked to meet with the Scrap the Bedroom Tax campaign group back in December last year and despite repeated attempts at a dialogue and giving Nottingham City Council ample opportunity, no meeting has taken place. 

The campaign group were informed that Cllr Dave Liversidge was willing to meet campaign members and discuss concerns the group have yet this has not happened. The group made a final request to both Cllr Dave Liversidge and Cllr Graham Chapman for a meeting but this request like others met with no response from either Councillor.

The summons today (22/5/14) is to draw attention to the Councils continued court actions against Bedroom Tax victims and the failure to follow procedures to prevent evictions or further court action.

Despite claimants with arrears that are reducing and payments being made, the council are still pressing on with court action and it is because of this and other failings that the council have not taken care to avoid, the campaign group members are serving a summons to meet to discuss these matters in a more public forum.

After serving the summons at 1pm, the Scrap the Bedroom Tax, Defend Council Tax Benefits Campaign group will be moving to the courts for its

1.30pm campaign outside the County Court on Canal Street. (at the back of the bus station)