Friday, 15 November 2013

Bedroom Tax Campaign Protest 21st November 2013

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Council to use credit reference checks to identify council tax evasion

The scheme it being touted as a way of generating £1.1 Million additional income, they intend on paying £37.50 bonus to the credit reference agencies per fraudulent claim identified as claiming a single person discount by using credit reference checks on the property. 

On a personal note this to me is nothing short of invasion of privacy because I have been told by banks that your credit history is based on the named person residing at a particular address and appearing on the electoral roll and that you can’t get credit unless you appear on that electoral roll. So the council already has this data, so why are they paying a couple of companies to pry in to people’s lives.

Fact is that previous tenants can be listed as residing at a property as I found when I needed a bank account and couldn’t get one, I complained about this fact to the council and they informed me that they had 13 people listed as living at my address. As soon as the details of the previous tenants had been removed, I was able to apply for and obtain a bank account.

The sheer stupidity of this council is astounding and it makes me wonder if they can see the wood for the trees.