Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lobby Council

Recently we saw the campaign group lobby the full City Council meeting over the bedroom tax.

Large numbers of people who through the new so called welfare reforms are told they have too many bedrooms and disgracefully are having their benefit cut.

This was a successful lobby and kept the bedroom tax on the agenda with Nottingham City Homes.

The news item aired by the BBC on East Midlands today carried an interview by one of the members of the campaign as well as a local woman who is having to give up her home whilst her son is away at college. Both the interviews showed how these reforms were affecting people because of a shortage of single room properties not only in Nottingham but the whole country.

The lobby itself attracted a lot of attention from members of the public who signed the petition against bedroom tax, many who signed disagreed with the bedroom tax even though they were not directly affected.

The lobby had support from Greg Marshall from neighbouring Broxtowe Borough who is councillor for Beeston West as well is support from local trade unionists from the Communication Workers Union, Unison and the Civil Sevice union, the PCS.

If you are affected by the bedroom tax and would like further information, help or advice, the defend Council tax benefits campaign are holding the group meeting at 7pm on 20th of August 2013 at the Chase neighbourhood centre, St Anns where people can come and discuss issues they are facing and get help and support from people who are also facing the bedroom tax problem.
Links to Trades Council photos of the lobby and a meeting in Mansfield below

In Solidarity

Defend Council Tax Benefits Campaign Group.