Friday, 12 July 2013

Where to get advice

Here is a list of welfare advice centres for the Nottingham City Area

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lobby Council at full council meeting 8th July

If you want to take part, please turn up on the day.

Letter to Council Challenging Reduction of Housing Benefits

If you want to challenge the council on the under occupancy, AKA Bedroom Tax, here are two template letters asking for further information and also a follow up letter template should you get no response.

The first letter template to use that you send to the council is to request information.

If you get no reply from the council then your next step is to follow up that letter with a complaint to the council for failing to respond to your first letter.

You should keep a copy of both letters you send and it is advisable that you obtain from the post office a proof of postage if you do not send the letter as recorded delivery.

Failure to respond, the template below is used for when your request has not been complied with.