Thursday, 13 December 2012

Lobby and rally by local Nottingham City Residents against proposed new Council Tax Benefit Scheme as Councillors meet on December 18.

Local residents are lobbying councillors outside council offices at Loxley House, Station Street, Nottingham, next Tuesday, 18 December at 12.30pm as the council meet to discuss a proposed new Council Tax Benefit scheme following a city council consultation.  Residents will also rally later in Nottingham Market Square at 5.30pm
The lobby has been organised by Notts Defend Council Tax Benefit Campaign whose contribution to the consultation described the proposals as “unworkable” and has been included in the Council’s consultation report.  Some issues highlighted by the group may be addressed in the final scheme, but the group say the scheme has to go.
“The City needs to keep the current Council Tax Benefit scheme, which is a fully funded scheme based on need, and kick out the new scheme which will lead to cuts in benefit for the poorest in the city.”

Chris Jackson (Notts Defend Council Tax Benefit)

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