Saturday, 22 September 2012

Con-Dem attack on Council Tax Benefits

This vicious government is determined to make ordinary people pay for the crisis whilst their banker friends get bailed out and still get their bonuses.

Under the misnamed ‘Welfare Reform Act, the government  is proposing to abolish the national Council Tax Benefit (CTB) scheme which is centrally funded and make all councils in England bring in their own scheme from April 2013, with less funding. They aim to save around £410million in England approximately 10% of current costs. In Nottingham and Nottinghamshire the cut is around £13.29 million. For the City Council the shortfall is closer to 15% of what the City council pays out in Council Tax Benefit.

The government want councils to cut benefits as part of the attack on the welfare state to make us pay for the bankers’ and the system’s crisis and to make benefits so poor that people will work for as little as employers want to pay. Hardly surprising, some in the government want to get rid of the minimum wage. Currently, the government has exempted pensioners (approximately 1/3 of CTB recipients) from this latest attack – but for how long? 


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